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As a beginner novice and a new horse owner I was looking for someone who could restart an OTTB that had been unridden for some time. Maggie was methodical, patient, and kind. She did a fantastic job desensitizing him and putting him in different situations he might find himself with an amateur. At the end of their time together I felt confident I could handle and ride him on my own.




Maggie is one of the best trainers and friends I could ever ask for. She's helped me out a lot getting my horse started in jumpers in 2012.
He went from a lazy hunter who started to not enjoying his job to VHSA Low Champion of 2012 and BHSA Reserve Champion for Low Jumpers in 2012 with Maggie. She really helps break down things in the lessons and makes it a lot of fun. You will never have a dull lesson with Maggie! :)

Courtney H



When Nicole & Astro started working with Maggie last Spring, Astro was jumping 2feet and could not canter more than 2 jumps consecutively without getting too excited. A few months after starting with Maggie he jumped an 8 fence course at Frying pan park and won - Astro was the only horse that day who got the right striding between fences. 6 months later he is calmly jumping 3 foot courses. Last month he jumped cross country for the first time and with Maggie as a guide was able to accomplish this phenomenal jump. Maggie will help you go as far as you want to go with your horse. We are so grateful to have her as a trainer and friend.

Julie U



 i wanted to thank you for all the years of hard work and service you gave to Stillwater Farm. You were such a hard and reliable worker and did such a great job working with all the youngsters on the farm. You are truly one of the biggest horse enthusiasts I've ever met. Mike and I wish you all the luck in the future.

Cynthia S


For the past two years, Maggie Griffith has been a fantastic teacher for our daughter Ella. Not only does she teach the ins and outs of riding (while holding high expectations) but she teaches her students all aspects of the horses and horsemanship. The care, attention, and dedication she shows to her horses and students is evident... I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for lessons or training.

Sandy Murray


Maggie was referred to me by a friend, when I mentioned that I had an OTTB that I was having some trouble with.  Otis was very nervous and hard to work with in the beginning. Maggie came out to my farm beginning three times a week for training, then twice for training and once giving me a lesson, until I felt confident working Otis myself. Her methods were simple and patient, and I never felt like my horse was in bad hands.  Otis thrived under Maggie's training, and soon after, I had a happy, relaxed horse that I felt comfortable riding.  Now, I have a reliable show horse who gets compliments everywhere I go.
Thank you!

Natasha C



I came across Maggie while looking for a trainer for my children upon moving to Virginia.  My eldest daughter had a rough experience with horses before, and my youngest had no experience at all.  Maggie began at the beginning with both of them, helping them gain knowledge and confidence.  We are a military family and have since been stationed elsewhere, but my girls and I will always be thankful to Maggie for all she has done for them.

Debbie L



Maggie has worked with me as both a horse trainer and a riding instructor. I have had two very different horses - a bold and challenging draft cross and a more timid but stubborn pony. She worked well with both of them and adjusted her training style to address the strengths and weaknesses of each horse. Maggie also helped me to sell the draft cross and purchase the pony. She was always on time for sales showings and presented the horse in his best light. She helped me evaluate my new pony and understand where he was in his training and that he was an appropriate horse for my skill level and goals.

As an instructor, Maggie has worked with me on my short and long term goals. I am a "mature" rider coming back to riding after many years off and some trepidation after a fall. She comes to my farm and works in my "not ideal" riding area and has helped me feel much more confident with my abilities and working with my new horse. I feel challenged but never pushed. Maggie is helping me get to where I want to be with my riding and my horse and I don't feel pushed to show or to jump as I have with past instructors. I would definitely recommend Maggie as both a trainer and an instructor.


Waterford, VA


I contacted Maggie when I had no where else to turn.  I have had 4 other trainers working with my horse and I, and I felt like I was just going in circles.  I can't afford to spend a fortune on boarding and training, and Maggie was very easy to work with.  She works her schedule around what I need and has been very reliable and patient with both Cheyenne and me.  Since we've started working with her, Cheyenne has calmed down a lot under saddle and has finally made the progess I wanted to see, towards her being a quiet trail horse.  I have no interest in showing and Maggie has never once made me feel like a 'backburner client' for not having the same goals as many of her other students and clients.  Thank you for the much needed help and vote of confidence!!

Jenelle C